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Post: Black History Month Spotlight

Gigi Hill-Hopkins Senior Director Citywide Health and Wellness African American Holistic Wellness Bayview Hunters Point YMCA Gigi Hill-Hopkins exudes soulful optimism and vitality. Wearing a flower in her hair, she speaks passionately about her commitment to health and wellness, and her serendipitous move into the nonprofit field following 30+ years in the corporate and public … Continued

Post: Black History Month: Leadership Spotlights

Black history is American history, and at Metta Fund, we believe that Black History Month presents a unique opportunity to celebrate, reflect upon, and honor the achievements, culture, and history of Black leaders, past and present. No matter the time of year, we must remember and honor the trailblazers who paved the way. It is … Continued

Story: Gwen Thomas, 73

Keep your mind right. Try to get out. Gwen Thomas wants you to get up off the sofa and get out there. “There’s programs out there for people over 65,” she states. “You don’t have to sit at home doing nothing! There are programs out there!” And Gwen knows programs. Hired by the Felton Institute … Continued

Story: Ira Watkins, 78

I went to see my doctor the other day and I said, hey why did you call me in? He said, ‘I just like to talk to you.’ I said, “Man, I got stuff to do!" Ira Watkins is an artist. “It helps me relax,” he says. “It took all the pressure off of me…by … Continued

Story: Marie Luna, 78

Our grey hairs show the way our life went...what we did, what we saw... The calendar hanging in Marie Luna’s kitchen in her tidy one-bedroom apartment is full of names, numbers, times, and big x’s – she is booked straight through fall. Timothy, her friend and a volunteer with San Francisco’s Little Brothers Friends of … Continued

Story: Rosa Mix, 85

[Rosa's] friendships at the Center have grounded her and offered her solace and happiness in a big, foreign-feeling city. In the years before Rosa, 85, joined the vibrant community at Mission Neighborhood Center on Capp Street, San Francisco, she was left at home alone while her daughter, with whom she was living, went to work. … Continued

Story: Sergio Flores, 63

“I didn’t think there was hope for me and I didn’t think I would live to see 63.” Today, on November 13, Sergio Flores has just turned 63. “I didn’t think there was hope for me and I didn’t think I would live to see 63,” he shares. “When I was diagnosed with HIV in … Continued

Story: Hene Kelly, 77

Freedom, freedom is a hard won thing. Every generation’s got to win it again. Hene, 77, has been advocating for the rights of older adults longer than she herself has been a member of the elder community. As a young woman, she campaigned for presidential hopeful John F. Kennedy while teaching Sunday school in Birmingham, … Continued

Story: Jenny Miller, 75

I always do my research before I paint. I did a history of Peru. It’s huge. The art of Jenny Miller is detailed and idiosyncratic. Its colorful palette and intricate details – from type of material to custom text embedded in the works – shows the artist to be a thorough researcher, world traveler, and … Continued

Story: Eric Marcoux, 65

This could possibly be the best time of my life. Things don’t get to me the way it used to. I’ve seen enough. And I’ve seen everything at least twice. Eric, 65, joined the Senior and Disability Action network a few months ago at the urging of a friend. The SDA mobilizes and educates the … Continued