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Post: Ageism Awareness Campaign Launches in San Francisco

San Francisco Launches Innovative Ageism Awareness Campaign to Help Create a More Inclusive City Campaign Features Diverse Older San Franciscans with Strengths that Never Get Old SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Today San Francisco becomes one of the first cities in the country to launch a campaign to raise awareness of ageism, disrupt negative stereotypes … Continued

Post: Why It’s Time for a New Master Plan For Aging

By James Loyce, Board Chair, Metta Fund and Jarmin Yeh, Board Member, Metta Fund California is a state of bounty and beauty. A state with a powerful economy and well-documented riches. A state of diversity and migration. We are trendsetters in politics, innovation, and culture. But we are also a state that is rapidly changing. … Continued

Bio: Mimi Kelly

Mimi is the Program and Grants Associate at Metta Fund. She brings eight years of experience in public health as a community health educator and program manager. Her previous work was in chronic disease surveillance, evaluation of nutrition, physical activity and food security programs as well as tobacco policy initiatives. She has a passion for … Continued

Post: If We’re Lucky, We All Get Old

By Janet Y. Spears, Chief Executive Officer, Metta Fund  I recently had a new head shot taken. It’s been close to 10 years since I last had a professional photograph taken of me, and well: I look a bit different. I now have an additional line or two across my forehead and my hair is … Continued

Post: Jarmin Yeh and Sonia Melara Join Metta Fund’s Board of Directors

San Francisco, CA – San Francisco-based Metta Fund is proud to announce the appointments of two new board members, Sonia Melara, Executive Director of Rally Family Visitation Services of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, and a long-time community leader and advocate, and Jarmin Yeh, a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco’s Institute for Health & Aging and assistant professor and lecturer at … Continued

Bio: Sonia Melara

Sonia Melara is the Executive Director of Rally Family Visitation Services of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, and also serves as faculty at San Francisco State University’s School of Social Work. Ms. Melara brings over 30 years’ experience in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Previously, she was Executive Director of the San Francisco Department on the … Continued

Bio: Jarmin Yeh

  Jarmin Yeh has been with the University of California, San Francisco’s Institute for Health & Aging since 2010 and is an assistant adjunct professor in the Community Health Systems Department. She is also a lecturer at San Francisco State University in the Health Education Department. Ms. Yeh is trained in social welfare, public health, and … Continued


San Francisco, CA—Today, San Francisco-based Metta Fund announced it has awarded $350,000 through five grants in the second quarter of 2019. Four grants were awarded to deepen outreach and education to new communities and constituents; grant recipients include CARA Education Fund, Justice In Aging, San Francisco Interfaith Council, and San Francisco Senior and Disability Action. … Continued

Post: Q&A with Board Members Sandy Mori & Beverly Hayon

Thank You To Our Outgoing Board Members This year, we say goodbye to two of our board members as they finish their terms of service with Metta Fund. Over the past decade, Sandy Mori and Beverly Hayon have played instrumental roles in guiding our mission with invaluable insights and unique expertise. Not only have they … Continued