Metta Fund

Ensuring Safe and Healthy Living Environments

Giving Everyone in the City an Opportunity for a Safe and Healthy Life

Health and wellness are affected by the places where people live, learn, work, and play.

Although San Francisco is one of the wealthiest cities in the country, not all neighborhoods have equal access to the resources for a healthy life, such as parks, after-school programs, and public transit. Not all residents feel safe in their homes. These disparities often affect low-income residents and communities of color, contributing to higher rates of disease, injury, and violence.

Metta Fund brings San Francisco nonprofits and public agencies together, helping direct service providers become advocates for change. Many of our grantees partner with each other, sharing resources and reshaping the neighborhoods in which they work. They also train members of the community to take ownership of this work and become leaders themselves.


Less than half of adult residents feel safe walking alone in their neighborhood at night


Violent crimes per 100,000 people every year – the crime rate in SF is higher than the CA average


Of streets in San Francisco – a total of 125 miles – account for over 70% of all traffic-related injuries and deaths

With our grantees, we share these goals for systemic change:

  • Ending domestic violence in San Francisco
  • Increasing feelings of safety at night for everyone
  • Creating more access to open spaces and natural areas
  • Making parks and playgrounds safer for play and exercise
  • Ensuring everyone in San Francisco who’s been homeless, or the victim of domestic and community violence, or suffering from drug and alcohol addiction has a safe place to rebuild their life
  • Giving more children, especially the academically disadvantaged, the resources for social and emotional learning
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