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Healthy Eating and Active Living

Bringing Fresh Food and Safe Play Closer to Everyone in San Francisco

Healthy eating and regular exercise reduce the risk of disease, but the healthy choice isn’t always the easy choice, especially for San Francisco’s more vulnerable residents.


Of San Francisco youth were designated as “high risk” for obese body composition


Of children and teens in San Francisco who consume the recommended five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily


Number of full-service grocery stores in the Tenderloin, a 50-square-block area with 70 corner stores



Time adults in low-income neighborhoods spend walking daily for errands, vs. 40 mins in affluent areas

For too many San Francisco residents, it’s a challenge to buy nutritious food or get regular exercise. Not every neighborhood has healthful markets, or safe places to run and play – and not every resident can afford to buy high quality food.

Diet and exercise are proven to help prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Metta Fund supports grassroots efforts by residents to:

  • Make San Francisco more walkable and safe for cyclists to promote physical activity
  • Banish food deserts from their neighborhoods by increasing access to nutritious foods and decrease consumption of sugary beverages, to help residents maintain a healthy weight
  • Expand nutrition education and physical education programming in low-income areas.
Story of Impact

Neighborhood Groups Coordinate Efforts to Eliminate Food Deserts and Swamps in San Francisco

Together, the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition, the Southeast Food Access Working Group...

Healthy Southeast and Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition