Metta Fund

Summer Camp for Underserved City Youth

Summer Camp for Everyone

Providing the opportunity to attend high-quality summer camps promotes the health and well-being of San Francisco’s underserved youth.

Low-income youth often lack the opportunity to attend high-quality summer camps, leaving them without an organized activity outside of school. Summer camps allow children to participate in recreational and educational activities that improve their overall well-being.

Metta Fund makes grants to provide the city’s underserved children with tuition assistance to attend summer camps. Our initiative allows disadvantaged youth to attend programs that make a meaningful impact on their lives.


Number of low-income San Francisco youth supported with Metta Fund’s summer camps grants in 2015


Average additional cost to parents for child care and activities during the summer recess from school


Sign-up fee for 1 week at a typical for-profit sleepaway camp, vs. $81 a week for a nonprofit camp

We work to:

  • Provide low-income youth with the opportunity to engage in educational and recreational activities that encourage teamwork and leadership.
  • Fund local nonprofits that are able to develop strong programming and provide more grants for low-income children and youth to attend summer camps.
  • Create a safe environment for children to build social and other skills and develop long-lasting friendships.