Our grantmaking is guided by our mission of advancing the health and wellbeing of older San Franciscans.

We achieve this by:

Our grantmaking is aimed at advancing health and equity in aging. Through deep relationships with our grantees and other partners, we prioritize the expertise of communities in identifying health challenges and developing lasting solutions.

Fostering systemic and lasting change depends on active collaboration between nonprofits, service providers, civic agencies, and community groups. To support this kind of collaboration, Metta Fund provides convening space, at no charge. For more information about this collaborative space, visit our Community Room page.

Metta Fund does not accept or respond to unsolicited requests for funding, letters of inquiry or other materials. This approach allows our small staff to focus on intentional, proactive research and grantmaking.

We support innovative nonprofits focused on improving individual and community well-being across the City and County of San Francisco.

The following six principles guide our grantmaking:

We strive to stay abreast of changing community needs through research and by listening to a diverse range of San Franciscans.

Our constituency includes all residents of San Francisco.

We fund early intervention, wellness, and health education programs to increase the quality of life for those who live, work, and play in San Francisco.

Our strategy is continuously re-evaluated to ensure it continues to meet San Francisco’s most significant needs.

For all of our grantmaking programs, we establish metrics for impact and monitor progress based on grantee and community data.

Our decisions are made based upon evidence and impact to the community. In all our decisions, we avoid conflicts of interest.

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