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Network of Funders Interested in Aging

NFIA works to improve quality of life for older people who are socially isolated & economically insecure.

NFIA is an opportunity for funders to develop relationships, learn with others, maximize impact, and leverage resources through strategic alignment.

Metta Fund is interested in working at the systems-change level, in partnership with other funders, to improve quality of life for older people who are socially isolated and economically insecure in San Francisco. The changing demographic of the San Francisco Bay Area is evident – by 2030, more than thirty percent of San Franciscans will be above the age of 60. Metta Fund is committed to improving health outcomes across all ages in San Francisco, and as population demographics change, so too has our grantmaking. Metta Fund endeavors to remain responsive to community needs and enhance the health sector with our flexible resources.

In late 2016 Metta Fund shifted a portion of its funding to prevent and reduce social isolation. Exacerbated by the income inequality in the Bay Area, social isolation will continue to have a negative health effect. Economic insecurity or having limited resources is, in and of itself, one of the risk factors for social isolation. This public health issue requires a multi-sector, coordinated approach.

Metta Fund convened a group of funders in early 2018, with vested interest in older people, to work at the nexus point between economic security and social isolation.

This group known as the Network of Funders Interested in Aging (NFIA), a strategic alignment network, meets on an ongoing basis to build trusting relationships, share information and experiences, reflect on the current state of the field, identify systemic challenges and opportunities for philanthropic investments, and create a collective, well informed systems-change goal with realistic implementation strategies.

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NFIA members have access to research findings, presentation materials and summaries of past meetings.

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NFIA members represent a dozen organizations working in various sectors to support older adults in Northern California.

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