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San Francisco, CA—Today, San Francisco-based Metta Fund announced it has awarded $350,000 through five grants in the second quarter of 2019.

Four grants were awarded to deepen outreach and education to new communities and constituents; grant recipients include CARA Education Fund, Justice In Aging, San Francisco Interfaith Council, and San Francisco Senior and Disability Action. One grant was made to the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research (UCLA CHPR) to increase both dissemination and usability of the Elder Economic Security Standard™ (Elder Index). Steven Wallace, Principal Investigator of the Elder Index and Associate Center Director of the UCLA CHPR, noted, “We are excited that with the new support from Metta Fund, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research will be able to make Elder Index data even more accessible and provide new tools to help community-based organizations in San Francisco and statewide better use the information in their policy advocacy, fundraising, and planning.”

“We’ve been pleased to support a wide range of exceptional programs, and to now support the outreach and engagement of local residents around policies impacting older adults is an important step,” said Janet Y. Spears, CEO of Metta Fund. “This round of grants will advance and accelerate our collaborative efforts.”

As people live longer – well into their 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond—older adults have come to represent the fastest growing population group. In San Francisco alone, nearly 30% of residents will be 60 or older by 2030. In 2017, Metta made a 10-year commitment to focus on addressing social isolation among older adults, a growing health concern associated with detrimental health consequences.

 About Metta Fund

Metta Fund is a private foundation dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of San Francisco’s aging population. We partner with innovative nonprofits to prioritize areas where community needs are greatest, where our unique expertise can make the most difference, and where systemic change is needed to address health inequities – because everyone deserves to live a healthy life, at every age. We strive toward a vision of an inclusive, connected, multi-generational, healthy and thriving San Francisco. For more information, visit





Anna Karrer Manley

Director of Communications