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Post: An African-American Infant Health Crisis

America has a crisis in African American infant and maternal health, as highlighted in this recent piece from the New York Times. Chronic stress, societal racism, and challenges around access to health care come together to create an environment in which black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes … Continued

Post: Seniors without Savings

The Atlantic recently published a standout piece on senior economic insecurity, sharing the stories of Americans who have “aged into poverty” as our country’s retirement savings system has eroded. With the decline of employer-sponsored pensions and stagnation of average wages over the past 30 years, many older adults have come to depend on Social Security … Continued

Post: 2017’s Best Articles on Social Isolation

As Metta deepened our efforts to combat social isolation for seniors in 2017, we couldn’t help noticing great articles on loneliness and isolation around the web. Here are some of our favorites from last year; check them out to learn more about this critical health issue. Former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy shared his take … Continued

Post: Honoring Mayor Ed Lee

Metta Fund’s board and staff were shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee on December 12. He will be remembered and appreciated for his years of outstanding service to the residents of San Francisco. As the first Asian-American mayor of San Francisco he truly was a trailblazer. From … Continued

Page: Legacy Focus Areas

To respond to emerging San Francisco needs and deepen our work in community, Metta Fund has sunsetted select areas of grantmaking. A full list of our Legacy Focus Areas can be found on our Grants Awarded page. Summer Camp for Underserved City Youth The Summer Camp Program has afforded full and partial scholarships, according to need, … Continued

Story: A Place for Seniors to Live, Be Well and Belong in the Tenderloin

Curry Senior Center has been a lifeline to older adults for over 45 years, and is finding new ways to create connection and community. In the Tenderloin, 4,753 seniors live alone. Accessing healthcare can be a challenge for these older adults, but so is staying engaged with a community of friends and family. Social isolation … Continued

Post: Exploring the city with Walk SF

Last month Metta staff had the opportunity to join grantee Walk SF for their Peak2Peak fundraiser hike. Carly, Grants and Administrative Assistant, and Catherine, Program and Grants Officer, joined the organization for a 13-mile hike around the northern part of San Francisco, seeing incredible views and learning about Walk SF’s work along the way. Pedestrian … Continued

Post: Mission YMCA’s Summer of Senior Connection

This summer, the Mission YMCA has provided outstanding programs for its neighborhood seniors in support of keeping seniors connected to and thriving in their communities.  Offerings have included: A Healthy Aging Fair for seniors to learn about community resources Outings to the DeYoung Museum, Gilroy Garlic Festival, and Sausalito Celebrations including Philippine and American Independence … Continued