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Stories from the People Who Make Our Community Strong

Marlene Tran, 73

Marlene came to the United States by way of Hong Kong in 1966 with her mother and “a tiny suitcase.” She began studying almost immediately, following up her Associates Degree with two masters degrees. She would have secured her doctorate if not for the consuming work she was doing for her community’s immigrant population – which then became her passion.

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Elders: Stories of Resilience

In early 2020, Metta Fund published a photo story collection spotlighting twelve San Francisco elders. We sought to bring awareness to the issues affecting older adults, and to tell real stories and show real faces of people in our community. Their stories show extraordinary strength despite great adversity, and remind us that elders contribute to our communities every day.

A few months later, when the coronavirus pandemic halted our routines and upended our lives, we reached out to five of the elders to see how they were doing in the midst of this global crisis. These are their updated stories.