Metta Fund

Access to High Quality Health Care and Services

Expanding Access, Improving Outcomes

Everyone in San Francisco should have access to high quality health care and services, essentials for a long and fulfilling life.

Although San Francisco has many high quality health care centers and primary care doctors, some city residents still struggle to access the services they need. In particular, health care access is a challenge for the city’s low-income residents, those who lack health insurance, and non-native English speakers.

Metta Fund does more than support health services organizations connecting individuals to the care they need. We drive systemic change to transform the social determinants of health and improve outcomes for enhanced wellbeing.

Recognizing that no one organization can create change on its own, we support collaborative efforts of health care providers, nonprofits and City agencies, aligning their work around common goals.


of African American mothers do not receive prenatal care in the first trimester. Only 5% of Caucasian mothers do not.


The poorest 20% of households in SF earn 44x less than the wealthiest 5%, with higher rates of disease.


adults in San Francisco still do not have health insurance in 2016.


of adults have not had a routine check-up in the past year. 42% have not had a flu shot.


  • Reducing preventable hospitalizations for ambulatory care
  • Ensuring all San Franciscans have a primary care provider
  • Making health care services culturally and linguistically appropriate to facilitate access for non-English speaking patients