Answers to frequently asked questions.
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What does Metta mean?

Metta is Sanskrit for loving-kindness. The word was chosen to capture the essence of the foundation’s roots; its meaning is similar to benevolent, which recalls the name of the predecessor organization, the German Benevolent Society. Read more in Our Roots.

Who can apply for a grant from Metta Fund?

Our grant application process is by invitation only and focuses on health issues in San Francisco. We don’t accept or review unsolicited proposals.

Do you make grants outside of San Francisco?

Metta is required by its Articles of Incorporation to make at least 85% of its grants within the City and County of San Francisco. The remaining amount is largely dedicated to Metta’s memberships in various philanthropic affinity groups.

Are there any opportunities to partner with Metta Fund?

If you’re a funder, please contact us; our work is strengthened by partners who support improving the health of San Franciscans.

Do you offer assistance to individuals?

Metta does not provide direct services to individuals or families. We are in fact precluded from doing so by nonprofit regulation. Instead, our goal is to help individuals by supporting and strengthening community based organizations whose purpose is to assist people in need.

Does Metta provide any other services?

We allow all nonprofit organizations (not limited to current grantees) to use our community room, a 40-person meeting space, free of charge. More information on our community room can be found on the community room page. We also offer occasional training, learning and collaboration opportunities for our grantees.

What is Metta’s average grant amount?

Our grants usually range from approximately $30,000 to $100,000, but smaller or larger and multi-year grant amounts are considered for specific proposals.