This Is Our Moment

By Janet Y. Spears, Chief Executive Officer

We have been mourning. Mourning the life of yet another innocent Black man murdered at the hands of police. Mourning 400 years of racial oppression and violence. Mourning systemic inequities that impact generations of families.

Structural racism is the root of all inequity in our country—and it manifests in the over-policing of Black men, women, and children, manifests in health disparities, in unequal housing and education access, limited economic opportunity, generational trauma, and countless other ways.

So I am tired.

But my life matters. My nephews’ lives matter. Black Lives Matter.

At Metta Fund, where we seek to advance health and equity in aging, we are amplifying our efforts to raise up the voices of those unheard and most impacted by the structures of racism. And we stand in solidarity with all those speaking out against anti-Black violence and centuries of oppression and injustice. We see the work of our grant partners lifting up Black elders and elders of color—who have experienced a lifetime of inequity. Those who work tirelessly to serve and advocate for justice. We see you, and we are recommitting to you.

We must talk about our history to inform the changes we need to make today. But it is going to require white folks, and white institutions, to give up some of their privilege— and take action — so others can breathe.

This is our moment.


Janet Y. Spears, Chief Executive Officer