Metta Fund is dedicated to...


Access to High Quality Health Care and Services

Bridging linguistic, environmental, systemic, and socially-determined gaps to ensure that all San Franciso residents may access the services they need to support their health and well-being. 

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Demonstrating the link between diet, inactivity, and chronic disease to help San Francisco make healthy choices the easy choices so all residents have a chance to eat well and move more. 

Ensuring Safe and Healthy Living Environments

Encouraging health- and wellness- oriented land use planning, meaningful opportunities for outdoor recreation, and a positive built environment for the health of all individuals and communities.

Supporting Strong Local Nonprofits

Helping nonprofit organizations to build their capacity, better focus on their core mission, serve the community, and collaborate within and across sectors to get results. 

Summer Camp for City Youth

Providing tuition assistance for financially-disadvantaged youth to attend high-quality summer camps.